February 13, 2017

What up! What UP! What UP! It’s your boy ET! Look, so many of you are looking ahead worrying about getting a chance to prove yourself. You’re restlessly waiting for that opportunity to make your dreams a reality. You’re waiting, but you aren’t working. You’re worrying, but you aren’t preparing. What’s the use of worrying about an opportunity that you don’t have yet, if you aren’t getting yourself ready. STAY READY. I’m serious. Stop crying about what you don’t have and look at the opportunity in front of you. You aren’t even using what you have available to you. Today promise yourself that you will begin to prepare for the opportunity. You may think it will never come, but it will. If you’re preparing and and using everyday to sharpen your tools, the universe has no choice but to present you with an opportunity. What does preparing look like ET? Begin to read more. Put yourself in environments where you can grow. Put yourself around people that will stretch you. Take risks. Do something different once in a while. Consistently self-assess- where am I weak? Where am I strong? Please, spend your time working and not waiting for the opportunity. When it comes you will be more than ready and you will dominate the moment. It’s your boy ET! I’ll see you next week!

  • Please believe I’m taking these words and applying them to my acting career. Thanks, ET!