December 27, 2012

My team laughs at me all the time and has accurately labeled me the “Worst
 Celebrity Ever.” For example, the first couple of times we were in the airport and
 people stopped me for a picture or an autograph, I was completely taken off guard.
 I hope the person didn’t mistake my shocked look for “Here we go again” instead of
 what it really was “You want my autograph, really?  For what?”
And so while I am getting better about knowing when people are approaching
 me because they recognize me, one thing I will NEVER do is blow off one of my
 supporters. Even before I gained a little visibility, I never could understand how
 celebrities could blow off the very people that made them celebrities in the first
place. I owe everything to my supporters. You are the ones who forwarded the
 videos to your family and friends and posted them to your Facebook and twitter
The other day I spoke in San Diego in front of 2,500 people. Afterwards, there was
 a line of people seemingly a mile long in line to shake my hand or get an autograph.
 If it was up to me, I would have stayed there for hours not only accommodating 
my supporter’s requests, but also thanking them as well. Unfortunately, the event
 coordinators had a few mandatory things I had to be on time for afterwards, but 
I promise you, it literally hurt me to have to walk away from them without being 
able to personally thank each and every one of them. If any of you are reading
 now…Thank You!
As time goes on, I am beginning to see that trying to meet everyone’s wishes is
 nearly impossible. A few nights back, while looking at my twitter timeline, I saw a 
young man say “f*** you then, you too good to respond?” The truth is I didn’t see 
his tweet as my timeline has become quite busy. I apologized and did my best to
 address his concern. The other day, after a long week of travel, I opened up my email 
and found hundreds of messages from my supporters (and a few Haters). I did my
 best to personally answer everyone. Then I opened my Facebook fan page to find
 even more messages. Some were thank you letters, some were in need of advice,
 some just wanted to share some of the great things they have accomplished. Listen 
to me, from the bottom of my heart, I thank you all for each and every message. I 
will continue to do my best to reach out to as many of you as I possibly can. I enjoy
 interacting with all of you! So while I adjust to a different role in my life, one thing
 you can be sure of is that ya boy ET ain’t never going Hollywood…
The Worst Celebrity Ever~ET

  • Justin Nuckols

    This is truly inspiring ET, I honestly hope you stay “The Worst Celebrity Ever” if it keeps you humble to your followers level. I hope you stay to keep that void, the urge to fill the needs of your followers, to shake their hands, to answer questions and just to reply. That’s all we want is for you to remember this state of mind, because it makes us (you’re followers) feel in the circle with you.

    Instead of saying; “you know ET?” it’s…

    “I know this crazy cat who calls him self; ET, he is The Worst Celebrity Ever and we wouldn’t love him if he wasn’t!”

    Set a goal et, just answer a set amount of “oldest to newest” emails/messages,tweets every day. That’s how “Pewdiepie” does it. and he has hundreds of thousands of msgs every day, because he is humble to his fans and he lets them know! He opens his “fans mail” on live youtube…WHAT CELEBRITY DOES THAT!? None…That’s why we feel close to people like him, and you.

    Thank you ET, keep preaching the good speech and I’ll keep spreading the word!



  • Always remain humble bro…ALWAYS! Continue touching the hearts and souls of people. Sometimes I get intimidated at my 20 or 30 messages and I always ask myself…”E’s feed and inbox must be cray…:) “. One luv bro, Coach Jae

  • Stephanie

    Thank YOU ET for all the love you always show all of us. You put in so much work to give us things for free, I mean, it’s obvious how much you appreciate us so people need to stop taking it personal when you don’t respond to them and realize how many messages you receive daily and that maybe there are other important things you need to do sometimes.

  • disqus_trDYTXpAeh

    The title should rather be “The best Celebrity Ever”, this title is the only think I disagree with you 🙂
    Don’t ever change man, you’re the BEST!

  • disqus_wURlt4CmGy

    There is only one Man who Will make you completely fulfilled, and that Man is Jesus. I promise that if you seek him and let him into your heart you will experience rest and Everlasting Joy. I pray that you will take this message to heart and experience TRUE Happiness in Jesus. God Bless. Pray to Jesus about all of your problems so that he will help you like he has helped me always.

  • evian pardo

    ET! I can honestly say that you are “the seed” that started getting my life together. Ive adapted everything you’ve said the best to my life and ability. I’m not getting up at 3 a.m. yet but I’m working on it! I hope to be something like you someday when I get into my adult years.

    thank you, I have been motivated

    ~Evian Pardo

  • Esteban

    -disqus- You talk about Jesus ? why should i work hard to fulfill my dreams then ? i better go on my knee and wait for that to happen … giving the credit to Jesus is saying that you are not strong enough to do it by yourself.

    The only man who Will make you completely fulfilled is YOU!

    greetings from Chile

    • linda

      GOD didn’t create you to do nothing and just wait on Him to make all happen. He created you with gifts and talents so that you should use them for His Glory!

      Even if you are strong enough to do something by yourself, you still have to give ALL the credit to God/Jesus cuz HE’s the one who gave you the ability to do it in the first place!

      And if you become boastful and rely on your own strength,God will let you experience your own limitations to remind you how much you are dependent on Him.

      Even if you achieve all the worldly success, it still remains in Gods hands if you can enjoy it and if you are deeply fulfilled.

      Jesus Christ is the Source of all Fulfillment. He who drinks of his living water will never thirst again.

  • ET the worst celebrity ever, lol. People should really understand that you won’t be able to respond to every single message and they shouldnt be so quick to dismiss you. This is a great post, I like how even in your writing I can sense your passion, integrity and humbleness. Keep keeping it real ET!

  • Teresa Currence

    Hi, My name is Teresa Currence. I am a new found fan of your work. I was introduced to your inspirational speeches by my best friend; the love of my life Jheranie Boyd. He is a soon to be graduate from UNC Chapel Hill and very admirable football player there. He will be entering the draft soon. He is and has been a HUGE fan of yours. He would listen to your mixtape EVERYWHERE..and i mean everywhere; shower, car, workouts, before practice, after practice, on the way to class, on the way from class…its ridiculous!!! I know every speech by heart! You’re a very busy man; I’m sure, as is he, which is why I am taking the liberty of busting my butt from this day forward to contact you any means necessary. I would really love you to talk to him, at the bare least. He has recently made a video acting out your “breathing/success” story about the Guru. Its a work of art. I think it would be something you’d enjoy because i doubt its EVER been done. You inspire him so much, and he inspires me so much, so if you continue to fuel his soul with determination and drive, he will continue to fuel mine. Here’s the link for the video and also the first one he did to the same speech; think its his favorite. One of my favorite pieces is the one about Adele/Golf Ball and how success sometimes come out of pain and being broken and beat down to nothing. very deep! the first time i heard it he had played it for me in the car on the ride back to Chapel Hill and i cried..straight up and i’m a tough lil cookie. Very seldom cry in front of him, and you brought me to tears. I just want you to know, you really have a way about yourself..a magnetic spirit. Its almost heavenly. but anyways i hope you enjoy his videos. i’ll send it everyday until i at least get an email from you..and i’m a persistent woman lol so dont play! Hope to hear from you soon! God Bless!

  • Billionaire

    ET. You are a wonderful and a heart felt person. You have a tremendous heart and I truly believe you care for everyone. It’s not your fault you can not meet everyone but my word of advice is to do the exact opposite and take that extra step and atleast try to meet everyone. If you truly want to reach the status of phenomenal like mother Teresa, Ghandi etc… you have to be likeable, honest and God fearing. I hope and pray to God that you continue the excellent work you and your team are doing. You are inspiring everyone and with that you will eventually reap the benefits. Keep up the good work. I pray for you and your family. God bless.

  • i agree that only Jesus is the way to truly be complete, there is also positive messages like ET look i will never change Jesus for no one but if there is a role model here on earth ET is one of them and im sure he puts god first so ET i dont judge you you inspire me bro to be a real man and to put in my faith to work thanks for all your messages that cut deep in me thats what im seeking what i need to hear not what i want to hear im a work in progress in gods hands and im not a victim im a victor amen..

  • I used to think I was the most motivated person on the planet and have been told many times by many different people. Most people cannot grasp what I do not want to party, why I want to save my money and open my gym as soon as I can. Most people do no understand why I will go to the gym at 7am, work thirteen hours, and then go back at 11pm. They do not understand why I do not currently charge the clients I am helping. They do not seem to understand too much. I thought I was motivated, extremely motivated. I came across one of your videos and now I can truly say I am motivated beyond what I have ever been. Keep up the great work, because of just a few of your words, my future clients and students will see even more monumental success. Keep up the great work.

  • Humble – just like our main man Paul! haha love it!

  • God bless you sir, I love what you are doing! Keep up the great work!

  • I don’t know waht the key to success is… but I do know that the key to failure is to try to please everyone! 🙂 Great communicating with you ET.

  • Damian Benitez

    Whats good E Thomas, I want to say because of you I was able to tap into a side of me which I never knew existed and create Hip Hop Motivation. I am presently receiving over 900 video download a day. Keep pushing to EMPOWER! I invite you to my page:

  • KatrinaSchenfield

    Hey ET, this is a very sweet message and I appreciate that you appreciate all of us fans. As far as you apologizing to the person who left the f*** you message on your Twitter, you’re a better person than I am! I’ll tell you right now, I would have been making a voodoo doll of that guy and sticking pins in it if someone had told me that – lol! 😉 Stay amazing!