Each passing term brings with it new and varied challenges that can, if not addressed, affect your ability to engage your student body effectively. At Eric Thomas & Associates we believe that proper preparation prevents poor performance and in that spirit, we've devised a Twenty-One (21) week, Twenty-One (21) Principle platform designed to improve both classroom participation and, information retention.

Vision Statement

Empowering a generation. One educator, one student, one community at a time.

Mission Statement

At Eric Thomas and Associates, LLC (“ETA), we’re passionate about education, and we’re committed to empowering every stakeholder within the educational arena through the employment of both our proven scholastic methodology and innovative and motivational typologies. Our educational training modules coupled with our targeted approaches and strategies have been designed specifically to address the needs of administrators, educators, students, counselors, parents, and school boards. At ETA, we believe that inspiration leads to both personal empowerment and development. And our mission is to create an inspirational and motivational atmosphere where the phenomenal potential that exists within every student can be successfully nurtured, cultivated and celebrated.

What Teachers Are Saying