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Hate On Haters (TGIM SEASON 10 BONUS)

5 hours ago • 376 Views

“My haters give me a perspective that nobody else can give me.”–Eric Thomas What up! What Up! What Up! It’s your boy E.T. I’m excited about this TGIM. I had to give you guys a bonus. I felt this one in my spirit. HATERS! I hear so many people saying, “I have haters.” “Why are…


I May Be Broke(IN), But I’m Determined To Be Rich!

2 days ago • 179 Views

I remember a few years ago…I had about $3 dollars in my wallet and approximately $7 dollars in my bank account without a clue as to how I was going to generate any income. I was truly broken! I couldn’t even afford simple things such as keeping gas in my car (I have this thing…


Iron Sharpens Iron (TGIM S10 E5)

1 week ago • 6027 Views

TGIM Season 10 Episode 5 “Sometimes to make a milestone a reality, you gotta get it done by twos.” -Eric Thomas WHAT UP, WHAT UP, WHAT UP, WHAT UP, it’s ya boy ET!  Remember what I told you? “Repetition deepens the impression.” This is the year to embrace our milestones! The power of one is…


Why We’re Not Rich or Famous

1 week ago • 960 Views

When I was 14, I had a few chores that I was expected to do. I handled bathrooms and yard work. I was the only one in my house both willing and able to do those jobs. If you asked me which job I hated more, it was easily the bathroom detail. Gross. I will…

Open Quotes The people who blew up, they took that pain and hurt and they turned it into something Close Quotes
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Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number…You Can Do Anything!!!

1 week ago • 1016 Views

A little less than two weeks ago (February 18th) I turned the BIG 3-1! Now usually around the time of my birthday, I am super excited, hyped, anxious, ready to celebrate and hang out with family & friends. I am not one to look for, nor search for recognition, but it’s truly amazing & I…

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For everyone trying to figure out how to deal with HATERS, this TGIM is a MUST SEE!!

2 hours ago

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