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If YOU could change your life in 21 days, what would you do? Who would YOU become? Who would you help? What would it take for YOU to accomplish this/these goal(s) as you start to make your transition towards…

ETinspires Podcast

EPISODE 1 – What’s new with ET?

1 month ago • 953 Views

Eric talks about the teams newest initiative Breathe University and gives advice to supporters.


Happy Holidays!

4 months ago • 3185 Views

This is a time for family, celebrating all the accomplishments you have made throughout the year.

This year may have had its up’s and downs when trying new things, but remember there is always another opportunity to reach your goals.



Don’t believe me, just watch..

5 months ago • 14569 Views

29 November 2013

Are you going home for the holidays and dreading it because certain people don’t support your goals and aspirations?! Below are 5 ways to rise above the haters and survive the Holiday Season.

Straight from ET himself, these…

Open Quotes Greatness is upon you and you better act like it Close Quotes

Shine bright like a diamond…

5 months ago • 12458 Views

22 November 2013

“Everyone wants to shine bright like a diamond, but no one wants to get cut…”

ET Mixtape –>> Shine bright like a diamond…

This message sticks with me. I can identify with wanting to have everything, but…

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