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Strength in Numbers

12 hours ago • 119 Views

Many of us can find it difficult to stay consistent, motivated and disciplined when it comes to exercise and proper eating.  We all want the end result, but there can be some tough moments during the journey. At times you may want to just call it quits!  Well, if you are reading this blog, you…


Write it Down & Shut it Down (TGIM S10 E2)

2 days ago • 2385 Views

TGIM Season 10 Episode 2 “This is the year you’re going to do what you never thought was possible.” -Eric Thomas You can make it to the next level if you’re consistently willing to do the work and make the necessary sacrifices. No matter what you have been through, there are people who have walked…



1 week ago • 620 Views

The rudiments of health and fitness are a good diet and exercise. However, our healthy diets will go out of the window if we are eating our emotions. We are faced with food choices everyday, the choices that we make become habitual, and our habits make us who we are. So, are we feeding ourselves…


Fighting the Flow

2 weeks ago • 472 Views

  I’ve never known any level of living that was too high above the poverty line. My parents were immigrants from Jamaica with jobs that, to the layman, are generally taken for granted. My mother taught young children. She has always done her job well. Parents would rave about how much more positively their children…

Open Quotes The will to succeed is important but the will to prepare is just as important. Close Quotes

Ego Trippin’…Something That Tripped Up A Dream

2 weeks ago • 563 Views

  Around 2003 I began a quest for a much needed scenery change. My entire scholastic journey was Michigan based and I wanted to experience something with a different flavor.  But honestly, change that big can be daunting. So,to make matters both easier & SAFER I stayed put and began my college journey right in…

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BRAND NEW #TGIM!! You can’t climb a mountain with too much gear. You must know exactly what to take to climb to the top. The same goes with..

2 hours ago

THANK GOD IT’S MONDAY!!!!!! You can’t climb a mountain with too much gear. You must know exactly what to take to climb to the top. The same..

10 hours ago

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