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GIUY Conference: Hartford Connecticut

2 days ago • 494 Views

“We did it y’all we did it!!!!”-ET

This past weekend was the hiiighly anticipated first annual (of many, many, more to come) Greatness Is Upon You Conference held in Hartford Connecticut. I have to be perfectly honest…not even…


Have You Wasted 21 Days

2 weeks ago • 963 Views

I’ve always disliked running. Never been my thing. It seemed so monotonous. But for me, it was the most accessible form of cardio. So with a little distraction, (i.e. laptop on the stand watching anything not pertaining to running)…

ETinspires Podcast

EPISODE 3 – Greatness Upon You Pt. II

2 weeks ago • 412 Views

Eric and CJ go into a little more details about the contents of GIUY


Destination: Nobel Peace Prize (Bottom’s Up)

3 weeks ago • 5551 Views

I wouldn’t trade these tears for anything in this world.  I worked for them. I earned them.  It is the manifestation of years of pain, conflict, remorse, and wounds transferred to ambition, drive, determination, and Faith. To…

Open Quotes It's one thing to talk about your destiny but it is another thing to make the decisions necessary to actualize that destiny Close Quotes
multi copy

Multitasking for Mediocrity

4 weeks ago • 1879 Views

I’ve loved music ever since I was a kid. My father used to sing and play the guitar…or the harmonica. Saturday nights used to be spent singing old Jamaican folk songs to his accompaniment. (Did I not mention my…

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4 hours ago

Get a glimpse of what went down in Hartford!
Greatness was at an all time high!
Thank you to everyone that made it out. If you didn’t make it,..

13 hours ago

Greatness Is Upon You:
24 life changing principles.


"The Secret To Success"
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