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Face Your Fears | Official Music Video (TGIM)

10 hours ago • 478 Views

What Up! What Up! What Up! It’s Your Boy ET. Look I’m so excited to announce the world premiere of our Face Your Fears music video. This is one of my favorite songs from the album.   So many people are afraid to go after their dreams. Some fears are valid, most aren’t. Your obstacles…


Forward Thinking

3 days ago • 176 Views

By N.D. Cole What up, what up, what up? I’m super pumped today (in my ET voice), because with the release of ET’s new album, Dr. Thomas and the Dr. Thomas: Limited Collector’s Edition, there’s absolutely NO EXCUSE to be unmotivated. In  last week’s TGIM, I hope you didn’t miss this, but ET said something, something…


It’s Never Too Late

4 days ago • 207 Views

This quarter on ET Inspires Radio we’re talking about going all in! It’s about operating past 100% and pushing into the 120 experience. This week’s story comes from Norway where ET’s words of wisdom helped one man keep going to graduate from high school at 32 years old.



5 days ago • 221 Views

  We all have different reasons for going to the gym. Most of us are seeking a healthier lifestyle. Others hope to form better relationships with like-minded people. Regardless of the reason, wouldn’t you agree that after a great workout you feel amazing about yourself! Although you might be tired and sore, you also feel…

Open Quotes If you only have 24 Hours, your success is dependent upon how you use the 24 Close Quotes

Dr. Thomas | Collectors Edition (TGIM)

2 weeks ago • 4919 Views

WHAT UP! WHAT UP! WHAT UP! It’s your boy ET!! This has been a phenomenal year! I’ve completed one of my largest milestones, the Ph.d. and now another milestone, Dr. Thomas the album. I’m so grateful for my team. They’ve put together a phenomenal Limited Edition Dr. Thomas: Collectors Bundle. You get the album and…

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Latest Feeds


Face Your Fears | Official Music Video (TGIM)

NEW TGIM!!! I’m so excited to announce the world premiere of our Face Your Fears music video. This is one of my favorite songs from the album…

9 hours ago

Spouses have the ability to lift each other in a way that can create and sustain new life. Friendly competition within your marriage will help..

9 hours ago

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