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Emotions: Always Fickle, Sometimes Brutal

2 days ago • 142 Views

I drive an old beat up and rusty car. My wife drives a new car. I prefer it that way. It’s one thing for me to be stranded on the side of the road. It’s a very different thing for her to be. Recently, my wife had to go out of town and I needed…


New Year, New Week, New Day, New Hour, New Minute

5 days ago • 335 Views

Greetings Friends, So, we are about two weeks into the year 2015. What are you doing to make your 2015 goals a reality? I like to remind people that the New Year is another year just like today is a new day, and next week is another week. Every chance we take to practice positive…


Hmm…Never Seen It That Way, It’s A Different Mindset!

1 week ago • 459 Views

Have you ever looked into your bank account and been so broke that you thought if you were to drive by another bank you’d trip the alarm? Have you gone to the ATM thinking I have AT LEAST a couple dollars to spare for a couple dollar menu burgers, something to drink, then, check your…

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Trust the Process: I thought I knew what I wanted

1 week ago • 423 Views

  Be inspired by the story of a Michigan mom who had plans to build a family with her husband, but life brought something better. Listen as Cameo King walks you through her life changing journey.

Open Quotes The will to succeed is important but the will to prepare is just as important. Close Quotes

Sight, But No Vision

2 weeks ago • 560 Views

“The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision.” -Helen Keller GPS is an awesome invention. It’s like a map that knows your sense of direction is pretty crappy. It talks to you and tries to break down things in the simplest terms possible. When you are coming up on your…

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