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Running away

Can’t Keep Runnin’ Awaaayyy…From YOUR Purpose!

1 day ago • 222 Views

I am a HUGE hip-hop fan, a hip-hop fanatic and recently while driving home from work I was listening to The Pharcyde’s album entitled LabCabinCalifornia. For some reason after hearing the song over the years, the lyrics just began to hit home and come full circle. Two verses that caught my attention were: “One, two,…


Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

2 days ago • 176 Views

By: Nicholas Cole Season 10 of T.G.I.M. has been all about milestones, finally getting over the hump that has held you back for so long. For many people, seeing and actually realizing their ultimate dreams, never become a reality. Here’s why: They STOP! Yep, many people quit before their breakthrough ever happens. Most people start…


Multitasking at the Park!

3 days ago • 222 Views

It’s finally nice out and if you are anything like me you love to be outside. I feel almost guilty if I am not taking advantage of the nice days in Michigan. So, during the summer the kids and I spend a lot of time outside and at the park. The park used to be…


If It Was Easy, EVERYBODY Would Do It

1 week ago • 490 Views

By Nicholas Cole Stepping out on faith to follow your dreams can be scary. However, if you’re like most people, then the thought of living your life and leaving this planet without accomplishing your dreams is even scarier. But NOT following your dreams is NOT the answer. Overcoming your fear is the answer. Whatever that…

Open Quotes The will to succeed is important but the will to prepare is just as important. Close Quotes

Summer Time Workout – ETA Fit

2 weeks ago • 429 Views

With Summer-time right around the corner, you cannot afford to skip this workout!  Ladies, these exercises are guaranteed to have you swimsuit, tank top or, for my guys, NO Shirt ready! Recommended setup: Superset 1 Exercises: A. Tricep Kickback B. Laying Tricep Extension with Pullover   Directions: Complete 12 repetitions of exercises A, and then immediately complete 12 repetitions of exercise B….

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