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The Problem Is Average: My Infidelity with Breast Cancer

3 days ago • 912 Views


Cameo King sits down with Michelle Hall, as she shares her inspirational story about battling breast cancer.

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The Secret to Problem Solving

2 weeks ago • 2196 Views

Eric shared tools helping you to deal with the problem.

Eric shares a secret to help you solve your problems and successfully access solutions.



For many years I ran from…


The Problem Is Average: Using Transparency to Create Solutions

2 weeks ago • 5997 Views


Dana Dixon suffers from a scalp disorder that causes many challenges in her life. Cameo King sits down with Dana, as she shares her inspirational story of overcoming these challenges, as well as, inspiring others to be bold…


Happiness and the Hustle

3 weeks ago • 2248 Views

The United States Declaration of Independence proclaims the right of all mankind, as equally significant beings, entitled to certain rights, among which are the preservation of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. It’s the American dream. It has…

Open Quotes A setback is a setup for a comeback Close Quotes

What’s YOUR Magnificent Obsession?

3 weeks ago • 996 Views

“Without obsession, life is nothing.”-John Waters

Have you ever had something that you were so passionate about that it consumed all your thoughts? Something so deeply rooted in you that you couldn’t sleep because you thought about it…

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