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When Demand Gets Low, Increase the Value!

2 days ago • 85 Views

When I was in middle school, I had a hard time. My clothes were old and slightly off of their original color. They were also slightly too small. I just had a serious growth spurt and outgrew everything….well, almost everything. I wore glasses then. They were pretty big. The frames were thick and the lenses…


Yes! I Got It, But Now What???…

3 days ago • 1513 Views

Up until the past November, out of (at the time) the 30 years being on Planet Earth…I never purchased anything “big” for myself until then. I never had an apartment, bought a new car, or I guess as society would put it, “live like a grown-up.” Tr(US)t me, I always desired to, thought about it,…


Shine Bright Like A Diamond

3 days ago • 255 Views

I’m willing to guess that at some point in time in your life you’ve heard people say, “Pressure bust pipes.” Now, if you’re anything like me then the first time you heard it you wondered what in the world do “pipes” have to do with my life. Still, all throughout our lives we have been…


Submit to Systems (TGIM SEASON 10 E6)

6 days ago • 7568 Views

What Up! What Up! What Up! It’s your boy ET! Look, this week I want to teach you how to become an expert at executing. You’ve heard me say it before, innovation is rewarded, but execution is worshiped. Execution, though, can become difficult without vision, but accomplishing your vision can become nearly impossible without consistency….

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“The Relentless Pursuit of Fitness” -MoFit

2 weeks ago • 612 Views

Relentless Pursuit of Wellness I have always had a love for physical fitness and being healthy.  From playing basketball in middle school, to being on the dance team in high school and beyond; being active has always been a natural behavior for me. A few years ago, I went through a major depression.  It was…

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May 9th in Lansing Michigan, come out and join us as we celebrate E.T. completing his Doctoral program! You don’t want to miss this opportunity..

1 day ago

CALI!!!! Are you ready?? It’s time to take your Family, you Personal life, your Business…EVERY ASPECT OF YOUR LIFE TO THE NEXT LEVEL!! Grab..

1 day ago

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