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Turn Your Passion For Helping People, Into Your Career!
The Complete Coaching Program Backed By The Number 1 Motivational Speaker In The World
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Hey it's your boy ET!

Are you just like me and have a passion for helping others? For changing lives? For helping people reach their potential, break through their glass ceiling and grow themselves in every area of their lives? 

Well I want to invite you to join my first ever, certified coaching program.

In this program, you will not only be given the strategies of how to become a world class personal development coach, but you will be given the tools to start doing it right away!
Eric Thomas
What You'll Learn...
1. Foster Personal Self Awareness And Analysis Of Preferences & Goals, Enabling More Deliberate And Meaningful Coaching Communication & Behaviour

2. Master The DISC Components & Strategies

3. Understand The Passport Connections

4. Develop Critical thinking skills needed to solve personal and professional problems

5. Explore coaching strategies for helping clients apply the DISC and Passport elements to personal and professional situations

6. Communicate clearly and persuasively verbally and in written form

7. Identify negotiation strategies for building your coaching business
Conduct 1on1 Coaching Sessions
Give People Tangible Strategies
Communicate Effectively
Create Your Own Business Opportunities
Extreme Execution Coaches
Shon Hart
Shon Hart
Shon Hart

" I landed 2 paid contracts since I was certified four months ago."
Words Taylor

"It allowed us to understand our gaps in our marriage with each other, breakdown of communication and how we wanted to run our business."
Here's What You Get:
* Complete Online Training Course And Certification Evaluation
* Role Play Live Training Sessions
* Scripts & Templates
*Access To Disc Assessments
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$997 One Time Payment 
(Online Only)
$1,497 One Time Payment
(1 Day Workshop In Michigan)
*Friday, October 18th
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