March 19, 2017

What Up! What Up! What Up! It’s your boy ET! Look, many of you are fake. That’s right – FAKE! You are living a pretend lifestyle. You are pretending to be living your dreams, but aren’t putting in the necessary work to truly live the life of your dreams. What do you mean ET? I see this happening with social media. You have the ability now to create a fake lifestyle. You post your best pics, stage moments, make videos – ALL highlighting your BEST. People believe you are living your dreams, but what if I followed you home. Would your real life reflect your online persona? It’s easy to dream, but it’s hard to create the lifestyle of your dreams.

I have young people come up to me all the time saying, “ET I want to speak!” “ET I’m going to take your spot!” What I’ve begin to realize some are truly putting in the GRIND, others want my lifestyle, but don’t want to WORK to get what I have. They don’t want to go through what I have to get here. You can’t have it both ways. You can only fake something for so long. All the effort you’re putting into manufacturing a lifestyle by posting fake pics and videos, you could be truly building your dream brick by brick. Look it’s okay to dream. That comes first, but the DREAMS must materialize into reality and that comes from having a PLAN and EXECUTING that plan.  Look, If it was easy then everybody would do it. Get up and get your plan together. It’s not too late. Someone out there needs you. It’s your boy ET! I’ll see you next week!

  • Jermaine Isiah Connelly

    Gotta earn it!

  • Willie Rashad Richards Sr.

    Anything worth having is worth working for and guess what, you put in just as much work to maintain “IT” !!!

  • Wilson Kubwayo

    I feel that.

  • Solar Suddenly

    The truth the truth the truth.