March 13, 2017

What up! What up! What up! It’s your boy ET! Listen, when it comes to success there are two important voices you must listen to. If you can listen to these voices with DISCERNMENT…I’ll say that again…if you listen to these voices with discernment you will be achieve whatever it is you’re going after.

The first voice – THE HATERS. So many of us discount what our haters say. Of course most of it is probably unwarranted disruptive criticisms, but not all of it is bad. There are probably some truths that your haters will tell you that people close to you won’t. So take what you need from your haters and nothing more.
The second and most important voice is – YOUR OWN. So many of us talk ourselves out of opportunities. We doubt, we fear, we let that negative voice stop us in our tracks. Replace those negative thoughts with positive thinking. I read a quote somewhere that said, “pressure only exists on life threatening situations.” Be honest, how much of what you’re going through is life threatening? Probably nothing at all, but you’re talking yourself out of opportunities because of fear. Speak life into your situation. Listen I know it’s not easy, but if it was everyone would do it. It’s your boy ET. See you next week!!