November 13, 2016

What up! What up! What Up! It’s your boy ET! 2016 is almost over. This has been an amazing year for my team and I. So may great events, We’ve met so many amazing individuals and we’ve had so many great TGIM moments. I’ve got to share one of my favorite TGIMs and probably the best TGIM of the year, “LEAVE YOUR MARK.” So many people die without ever fullfilling their purpose. Look your purpose is not just about you, but it’s about making the life of others better because you were here. When you pass on will you be able to say humanity was better because I was here? Will you leave your mark on the world? Before I leave you, I want you to think about what leaving your mark looks like. How can you make the world better? What is your gift? Let’s go into 2017 pumped up and ready to change not only your life and your families life, but millions of other lives. Its not going to be easy, but if it was everyone would do it. It’s your boy ET. I’ll see you next week!