Blog Intro: Thoughts From 3am

December 25, 2012

Over the past few months, I have been hit with a ton of requests to do a blog. Well, 
you know ya boy tries hard not to disappoint so here it is! I wanted to title this blog 
“Thoughts from 3am” for a few reasons. The first being that anyone who knows me knows that this is my everyday wake-up time. The second is because 3 am is the time
 when a lot of thoughts run through my mind and since nobody in my house is up to 
share them with, I figured why not share them with my supporters. So that is what this blog is, a collection of my thoughts at 3 am. Everything on here 
is not going to be super deep or life changing (or grammatically correct), rather just 
me sharing with you what is on my mind at that moment.
Ya Boy~ET



  • Very dope! Been following your journey for some time now. Definitely look forward to reading your blog posts… #YupYup

  • Guest

    Been following your journey for some time now. Looking forward to reading your blog posts… Keep inspiring… #YupYup

  • Hey E.T it’s 3am in my country and it’s new years eve too, i just want to say thank you for all your hard work for every single video on this 2012 because it really change me. I can say i think totally different to the guy i used to be.
    2013 is gonna be our year! Success is coming!

  • Kudos, my brother! This venue is perfect for informal (yet formal simultaneously) interaction with the world. I am glad to see you went there!!

  • Filip Farag

    That’s great ET, looking forward to reading your posts!

  • What time do you go sleep though? How many hours of sleep?

    • Ken

      I was wondering that too. I figure prolly 10pm. That’s a good 6 hours.

  • Nikhil

    Hey ET,

    I just strated listening to u….i have only one question for you which baffle me all the time tat i want to know what is the parameter of deciding the death of some person.what is the criteria if any?i might die tomorrow befre suffering from the breath of my success. innocent people die brutally around the world including kids ,wt we may call premature death….nw dont say think positive like stuff….y this is so? is god wants to take sacred soul as i can understand if our deeds are bas u will get good results but some people have done alwys good fr others or some are not started doin any thing……?please respond if m reaching u…thanks !!This is Nikhil from India age 28,working

  • ET – where can I buy a copy of your book? amazon only sells the kindle version. Keep up the great work

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    I just want to let you know that here is only one Man who Will make you completely fulfilled, and that Man is Jesus. I promise that if you seek him and let him into your heart you will experience rest and Everlasting Joy. I pray that you will take this message to heart and experience TRUE Happiness in Jesus. God Bless. ps. Pray to Jesus about all of your problems so that he will help you like he has helped me always.

  • Griff

    Thanks ET. I woke up at 4′ and I just couldn’t go back to sleep. My second or third thought was who’s up right now? I thought, “My boy ET!” I checked out episode 2 of season 5, and that’s what I needed to start my day. Just want to send thanks ET for your energy & commitment to sharing Information packed with a positive charge! Thanks buddy.

  • i’m new here and i love this blog already!

  • Angie Ang

    ET, I just want to thank you for being phenomenal. I work full time with exceptional young people and I am in grad school. I’m motivated and I’m always encouraging someone, anyone that will listen to live up to his or her greatness. However, there have been many times where I struggled with taking my own advice and that’s where you come in, almost like my own personal coach/cheerleader. Saying exactly what I need to hear in order to win and not feel defeated. You are coming to my school on Feb. 06 to speak to the young men. Unfortunately, I will not be able to meet you or hear you speak in person while you’re there because I will be working with the young ladies at my school. I just wanted to say Thank You for telling your story and being a constant role model on a daily basis. You are inspirational and a driving force in my life that’s helping me become the change that I wish to see in the world. You are truly a blessing!

    Angela Shuford

  • ET your words are so inspiring!!! I am a 33 year old young professional/youth ministry leader that has endured a miraculous turn in my life overt he past 3 1/2 years. While working to complete my doctoral dissertation I discovered that I had two young brothers by my biological father who did not raise me. My father is living HIV and remarried about 13 years ago to another woman. This story takes a turn when the my fathers wife dies suddenly and he is incarcerated and there was no one to take the boys. I had only met these two young men once in their whole life and was no more than a stranger to them. Nevertheless, I knew that God wanted them to live with us. My husband and I have no children but we love my brothers as if they are our own. The ins and out of this story are nothing short of miraculous, so much so that God has gifted me to write a book on fatherlessness and forgiveness. I just thought I would share this story to let you know that in addition to my daily dose of Gods Word I also take a tablespoon of ET TGIM.

  • I thought you would get a kick out of this post i made on FB a few days ago

    SO I KNOW IT IS LIKE 3:30 AM….BUT I HAVE LEARNED ….Most successful people are awake when the rest of the world is asleep…and some people are asleep even when they are awake (soak that one in for a second)… I have found myself on a new timetable over the past few months..WE can’t afford to fall asleep on LIFE: RISE and GRIND baby…I have been blessed to have a Professional TV News Producer to help me in achieving a portion of my Next Steps …I GOT TO GET IT IN…SOMETIMES ITS NOT THAT GOD DIDN’T WANT US TO HAVE CERTAIN THINGS THE TRUTH IS WE JUST AREN’T DEDICATED ENOUGH TO GO AFTER IT!!!! LETS BE ABOUT OUR FATHER’S BUSINESS….

    (copyright Mosesmovement, Inc)

  • Austin B

    Hey ET, just want to thank you for everything you’ve put out here, you’re truly the inspiration and motivation the world needs. As a result of the words I’ve received from your blog posts and TGIM videos, I’m now the top musician in my entire school with as much as 2 and a half years left until graduation, one of the top athletes in my grade, and I’ve managed to get my overall average grade in school to be 83%, but I don’t mean for this to be a mass bragging post, I mean to thank you for all of this because your words are what has driven me to get to this point. However, I don’t feel like this is enough for me and I really desire to wake up earlier every day to get more out of my day and increasingly more time out of life over other people my age, but as a young and growing 15 year old boy, my body and mind don’t function well off of less than 8 hours of sleep which is a huge problem for me. Right now I go to bed at 10:30 and wake up at 6:30 every day, and I want to get to the point where I can get up at at most 5:00 so that I have more time to practice music or try to get to that 85% mark in terms of school grades, but my body just doesn’t let me do it. Is there anything you or anyone else who sees this propose I do?

    ~Thanks, Austin.

  • Teresa Currence

    Hi, My name is Teresa Currence. I am a new found fan of your work. I was introduced to your inspirational speeches by my best friend; the love of my life Jheranie Boyd. He is a soon to be graduate from UNC Chapel Hill and very admirable football player there. He will be entering the draft soon. He is and has been a HUGE fan of yours. He would listen to your mixtape EVERYWHERE..and i mean everywhere; shower, car, workouts, before practice, after practice, on the way to class, on the way from class…its ridiculous!!! I know every speech by heart! You’re a very busy man; I’m sure, as is he, which is why I am taking the liberty of busting my butt from this day forward to contact you any means necessary. I would really love you to talk to him, at the bare least. He has recently made a video acting out your “breathing/success” story about the Guru. Its a work of art. I think it would be something you’d enjoy because i doubt its EVER been done. You inspire him so much, and he inspires me so much, so if you continue to fuel his soul with determination and drive, he will continue to fuel mine. Here’s the link for the video and also the first one he did to the same speech; think its his favorite. One of my favorite pieces is the one about Adele/Golf Ball and how success sometimes come out of pain and being broken and beat down to nothing. very deep! the first time i heard it he had played it for me in the car on the ride back to Chapel Hill and i cried..straight up and i’m a tough lil cookie. Very seldom cry in front of him, and you brought me to tears. I just want you to know, you really have a way about yourself..a magnetic spirit. Its almost heavenly. but anyways i hope you enjoy his videos. i’ll send it everyday until i at least get an email from you..and i’m a persistent woman lol so dont play! Hope to hear from you soon! God Bless! Keep Inspiring

  • plumbear

    ET, love your work, would be great to get my hands on your book but not that keen on the $50 shipping costs to the UK. Will you be providing it on Amazon anytime soon? I’m gutted I am not in London when you are here but can we pick a book up from the Mermaid at any other point? Many thanks, keep it up, truly inspiring. Very best, Ollie

  • Hey ET, I just wanted to say I am so thankful I found your video on youtube. It really did change my life and I’m looking forward to reading your book when I have money. I was wondering if you could give me some advice. I am a person that is always afraid to speak her mind and put herself out there because she feels insecure. I feel like fear of failure and speaking up is what is preventing me from being successful or at least being confidant. How do you think I should combat this problem?

  • Andre Webb

    ET, all i want to know is when will you be in the MD/DC area??

  • Kyree Oliver

    Mr. Thomas,

    my name is Kyree Oliver and I sincerely hope that you get a chance to read
    this, I have been praying that something causes you to read this message among
    the hundreds of emails and letters that you must get daily. You are such a
    humongous inspiration to me and your story and what you do has inspired me to
    create my own website and pursue public speaking myself. My website explains my
    whole story and my “Why” that you talk about in your videos, but I will give
    you a quick overview right here.

    I said, my Name is Kyree Oliver. I live in Brentwood, California and I am
    nineteen years old. Out of high school I received a full-ride football
    scholarship to the University of Idaho, where I attended last year. While
    there, I went through things that changed the way I view the people around me,
    and ultimately the way that I view the world. I went through months of physical
    and mental abuse by teammates of mine, ones that were supposed to be my
    “brothers”, my “boys”, who were supposed to be there for me no matter what.
    This went on for about 5 months and made me shut down as a person. I did not
    talk to anybody, did not share what happened to anybody, and really gave no
    indication that anything was going on at all. I did not trust anybody because
    in my mind, if the people that you are supposed to be closest with could beat
    you down mentally and physically to the point where you just want to give up on
    everything, then what are average people in this world capable of?

    after a lot of prayer, I decided to come back home in January of this year and
    restart. For the first few months, I was extremely withdrawn; not talking about
    anything that happened to anybody (not even my brother or parents) and sort of
    going through the motions of everyday life, playing Junior College football,
    going to school, working, etc. One day, for some reason, I decided to share my
    experiences with my trainer whom I had been a client of for 3 years and whom
    has developed into a person that I can truly trust above almost anybody else.
    He encouraged me to use what happened to me and turn it into a positive thing;
    to create a website telling my WHOLE story, being as transparent and honest as
    possible. This was tough because I was hesitant to even share with him what I went
    through and now he was suggesting that I put it out there for the WORLD to see.

    ended up creating
    first, to get my story out there and to show people that, when they feel
    defeated have nobody they feel like they can turn to about their problems, that
    they DO have somebody who can relate and can help them through that dark place
    and eventually turn it into a positive. It started out as just that, but after
    hearing the power in your way of speaking and the way that you present yourself
    and the passion that you put into what you do, I realized that I wanted to make
    this more than a sympathy site. I wanted to IMPROVE THE VALUE OF OTHER PEOPLE’S

    have realized that I am a part of a broken generation; a generation that really
    has no spokesperson their age to tell them that this generation does not have
    to adopt the same bad habits and bad tendencies of those before us; that WE can
    decide to make a change in our lives to make sure that our children do not grow
    up having to run the streets, that our children do not have to drop out of high
    school and wait till they are older to figure out that that is not the way. We
    do not have an Eric Thomas, a Les Brown, a Dr. King of this generation… not
    yet. My generation, for the most part, is a generation that does not want to
    hear about how to better themselves from the generation before us, because my
    generation blames to generation before us for SO MANY of our problems. The
    truth is that we do have the power to change the way that we think and
    ultimately change the course of the world, we just need enough people like you
    and myself who want to see that change come to pass.

    I sincerely hope that somebody passes this message to you and that you get a
    chance to read it. I would love to be able to speak with you in any way, shape
    or form to hear what you have to say firsthand, whether it is in person, over
    the phone, over a video call on the computer, etc. You truly are one of my
    idols and I would gladly drop everything and buy a plane ticket to anywhere if
    it means that I get to sit down and talk with you for even an hour.


    Kyree Oliver

  • Adee

    YO ET….just starting off with u….came across u pretty late but u kinda pump me up man.

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  • disqus_I9jpDkzoXI

    Eric Thomas,

    I have watched several of your motivational videos, that were presented to me by a friend who is not a religious man. So i started to dig to find out if you were a man of faith and by far the most inspirational ones were Transform Your Life, the message from Daniel on evangelism. It may be that I have not watched enough of your videos, but I have not been able to find any that mention God as the main focus in life. I have relied on myself, messages, motivational videos, speakers, women, alcohol and other things of this world for happiness and to drive me for the past 20 some years of my life, and it has left me with scars, pain and despair along with “success”. I am now 33 and have found that a relationship with God is the only true way to happiness and succes in life. I am having a tough time relating to some of your videos with the absence of God, and am looking for some more that focus on your experience with Him and how he walked with you to bring you to where you are today. I know from your display of passion in Transform Your Life, that He is your rock and focus. I’m patiently waiting for you to flip it on everyone and drop the bomb that without God, nothing is possible, but through Him all things are possible. Thank you for your dedication and steadfast good work through Him.