Storms Come and Go

October 6, 2014

Last Week: Eric discussed how he overcame the pain of not having his father in his life. He DEALT WITH the issue and moved on with his life.

This Week: Eric shares some tools of how to DEAL with problems.


HIGHLIGHT: When I begin to realize that problems are a part of life, and it wasn’t the universe personally attacking me, my life began to change; my relationships began to change; and my approach towards trials began to change. I welcomed the storms because I knew once they passed, I would emerge stronger.

CALL TO ACTION: Change Your Approach To Problems

  1. Be encouraged
  2. You’re either going towards a storm, through a storm or coming out.
  3. Don’t be consumed with the Problem. Focus on the solutions.
  4. Enjoy the good times, but prepare for the trials.

Activity: How can you prepare yourself to deal with the storms that may be coming? 

On a piece of paper create 3 columns. In the first column, write down the problems in your life. In the next column, write down any dreams, goals or solutions that are not happening because of your problems. In the last column, write down how you will execute your dreams, goals or solutions. Focus on this for the next week.

  • Michael Rosin

    Constantly remember your why! At the darkest parts of the storm, remember the reason why you are here and! Thank you Eric Thomas!

  • Malik Cheeks

    As always – Great information!! Thanks again for giving so much back.

  • Mike Sadovich

    Hey ET thank you so much for sharing this wisdom!
    Maybe you could continue writing the previous S9 E4, where it actually ended?