Shine Bright Like A Diamond

April 16, 2015

I’m willing to guess that at some point in time in your life you’ve heard people say, “Pressure bust pipes.” Now, if you’re anything like me then the first time you heard it you wondered what in the world do “pipes” have to do with my life. Still, all throughout our lives we have been taught that pressure is a negative thing that we should stay away from.  However, anything worth having comes along with some type of pressure to overcome. Take a moment and think about one or two things that are most important to you. Now think back to the initial steps it took to accomplish your goal and the obstacles you had to push through.  See! You would not be where you are today without having pressed through some obstacles. Yes, pressure does bust pipes, but pressure also creates diamonds.

You Are a Diamond. Let’s start thinking and training to look like a diamond. How does a diamond look you ask? Diamonds are cut! One of the primary physical attributes people notice on fit people are their arms. How do your arms look? Are they cut or are they flabby? Don’t worry if they’re flabby; I’m here to help you shine bright like a diamond.  Let’s start by focusing on the back of your arms, which are called the triceps muscles. We’re focusing on the triceps because they are about 2/3 of the upper arm. Now I know many of you don’t have time to go to the gym or just don’t want to spend the money. I understand that so I’m going to teach you a few exercises to make those arms cut from the comfort of your own home. The exercises mentioned below are at the intermediate to advanced level, but you can do them on your knees if you’re still at the beginner level. Be sure to watch the video and leave questions and comments.
Exercise 1: Diamond Pushups: 3 sets to failure (failure means you can’t push your body off the floor)

Exercise 2: Pushups Extensions: 3 sets to failure

Exercise 3: Parallel Pushups: 3 sets to failure

Some of the names of the exercises are not names you will recognize but I will demonstrate in the video.
Go ahead, watch the video and please leave comments and questions.

– T.J. Tyus

The Relentless Pursuit of Fitness


  • Lee

    I like the way you used the physical and mental parts of our being, to explain pressure. I do feel that pressure can be a positive or negative depending on how you react to the pressure. We all can be diamonds, if we are willing to press on !!!

    • T.j. Tyus

      Thank You for your comment. It’s important that we realize that we will all face some form of pressure in our lives. It’s better to prepare for the pressure and use it to our advantage than to be suprised by it every time it comes our way. Press on towards the Relentless Pursuit of Fitness

  • Jamie Scisco

    BEASTMODE!! Yes although its really tough, I think its more of a mental breakthrough than a physical. I know when I lift weights its the will to keep going and not stopping because it “burns” but feeling the burn and really getting it deep and in there, for maximum results

    • T.j. Tyus

      Yes! I love the burn I feel when I really push myself. I know some people don’t like that feeling, but you don’t truly grow mentally or physcially until you reach the point of being uncomfortable and push through it. Thanks for the note.

  • Cocco

    Loved the video. Had my son trying to do the exercises. I will start to do these as well. Can’t wait to see more.

    • T.j. Tyus

      Great! I love it when the children get involved. It’s good for them to develop the habit of healthy living now and they wont forget when the get older. Keep pressing. Thanks for the note.

  • Ashley Nelson

    Oh my goodness! My boyfriend and I tried these push ups together after arm day, and we loved it! What are your thoughts on explosive clapping push ups? I feel a lot of pressure in my wrist when I do them… even when I’m on my knees.