Secret To Success | 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY

February 20, 2017

What up! What up! What up! It’s your boy ET! I can’t believe it has been 10 years since the launch of the video that has changed not only my life, but so many lives in the world. The Guru Story has over 50 Million views. People have beaten cancer, mended broken marriages, created new legacies, made their dreams a reality all from watching and applying the principles in that video. My life, my families life and my company has never and will never be the same. Just about everyone over the last ten years were introduced to me through that video. Till this day, even after I have so many other viral videos, people still discover me through the Guru Story. I’m still in disbelief over the power in that video. My passion for wanting to change the students in that room, went far beyond those university walls. I’m so grateful to everyone that’s shared the video and to the millions of lives that have been affected, i’m humbled as a result. Thank you all. It’s ¬†your boy ET!

  • Kevin CoachyouWell Williams

    Thank you Thank you sir for making an IMPACT on me

  • Kimberly Cruz

    Being a single full time mother, full time student and full time employee, things get over whelming. I listen to your audios every night during my shift and I pick up something different every time. You motivate me to keep going and to never give in to my exhaustion. I picture you yelling at me to keep it together everyday, I love it. I can’t thank you enough for keeping me in check! May the next 10 years bring more impact!

  • Araneetae Guy

    Kudos on 10 years. You are blessing me. I love you all on the iPods. You’ve kept me from reacting to the things that happen in a day and to focus on my destiny and action.

  • Julian

    Congrats, ET! I guess you really wanted to succeed as bad that you wanted to breathe. 10 years later you became PHENOMENAL! I’ve been listening for your talks for years now. Without even knowing your name until a few days ago. Thank you, man! Can’t wait till MONDAY comes again. Two more days left.

  • Paula Chandler-Paramore

    Congratulations on your accomplishments. ET you meantion how you doubted pursuing your doctorant degree; I too am battling the negative voices in my head concerning my ability to accomplish this great achievement. I’m doubting my intelligence, ability, & gift to pursue this goal with enjoyment. Do you have any encouraging words to pass my way? I don’t have a support system & really need some one in my corner.

  • Collins Odhiambo

    Thank you ET I listen to your albums to keep me going each morning. i wanted to wake up at 3am too but I dint have a strong reason but once I heard about the TOOTHPASTE STORY I went ALL IN. Now I focusing on building myself as Inspiration speaker especially to the Millennial generation. I am hustling to live proof that THE HUSTLE WINS. That is my brand coming up.