March 13, 2016

I gotta be honest with you. “Nothing Funny” was as unscripted as it gets and, the response to the video has been staggering!   I cant even begin to tell you how many of you have hit me up, in tears, because it hit home so hard! Believe me, I know how hard it was, it shook me too!  Seeing kids care so little about themselves and joking around with their future, sat me straight down.

The kids in that video didn’t come from privilege.  They don’t know what it’s like to take a dream and make it reality.  The sad truth is , they may not even know how to dream, let alone work at making that dream come true.  They’re counting themselves out of the game, before they even set foot on the court!    Let’s be real, most of these kids don’t have any hope that their lives will be any different from, the harsh  surroundings they live in today. Real talk,  They won’t invest in themselves because they don’t value who they are and worse yet, they’ve already resigned themselves to a life of struggle and lack. Without dreams and hopes, those kids are just lambs to the slaughter. I can’t just sit by and let that happen fam! I am who I am today because someone saw me, not as I was but, as I could be!  Someone took the time to care about and invest in me, way before I even knew who I was!

Right now, when I get a corporate gig, I hit as many schools in that area as I can, to make what ever difference I can, in the lives of these kids.  But, I’m gonna be honest with you.  I cant do it alone.  I hear it all the time, “ET, how can I help?” “ET, what can I do?”   Well, here’s how you can help.   I put my money and my time where my mouth is.  My squad is doing the same and I’m here to challenge you to join us in making a difference!   If you really want to help, and it’s not just lip service, write a check. Make a tax-deductible donation.  Give something of yourself to help save a life!  There’s no amount too small or too big! But, I’m going to be honest with you, the threshold (minimum amount) to get a case of books to a school is $500. That case will fill a library and a classroom, making a positive impact, long after we’ve gone.  Some donations will even allow me to visit the school and work to make an even larger impact.

Listen to me, there is untapped greatness in these schools! The cure to cancer, it’s in these schools, the next innovation in science and technology, it’s in these schools! Dr.’s, Lawyers, legislators, game changers, leaders, motivators, cycle breakers!  They are all, in these schools but, they’ll never become who they’re meant to be unless, we do for them, what was done for me!  Real talk, it takes courage to invest in kids you may never meet.  It takes a level of compassion that is for lack of a better term, phenomenal.  Mike said it best, “You can make a difference if you try.” So, partner with me as we make a difference in the lives of those who need our help, right here at home!   For every case of books you donate, you tell us where you want them to go!  That’s it, it’s decision time.  Now, let’s go save some kids.

It’s ya boy


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  • Karen Gonzales

    Thanks ET this video is my favorite!!! #dontgiveuponkids


    ET this video made me cry – it’s so sad to watch our young adults fall by the wayside. I hope you were able to get through to these young adults and this message touches others. They need examples and voices like ours. Keep shining your light. Love your message at the end: “Don’t die not trying.”

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  • SassyBean76

    Its about time this generation hears the truth… but sir, i hate to tell you this… maybe in your experience its only your race who is disrespectful but it’s not… its generational and the walls need to be broken down. We are losing our kids, our future, to rudeness… largely in part to parents being micromanaged and afraid to discipline their children because the government has imbeded themselves into our homes, our hearts, and our fears.

    • OceanSprings Martial Arts

      Agreed. White, black, red, green, whatever. We see this with a lot of kids because parents do not instill discipline and respect. It’s ridiculous.

  • Rusty Huskey

    That was incredible. My applause light is on full for you ET. You’re an amazing speaker, sharing a positive message and I hope and pray the kids listen, because you’re speaking the truth.

  • Linda Martinez

    Why you want to get up there and talk smack and LIE to them people and say you was a high school drop out at 2:00 then at 6:00 you say you got your PhD. You just talking smack and lying, something most ANYONE can do and you get paid for it SMH.

    • OceanSprings Martial Arts

      Linda please do yourself a favor and read his background. He IS a high school dropout that later got his PHD. What he’s doing is giving kids no excuse. They must MAKE IT HAPPEN!

    • Ryan Fernald

      You too are part of the problem with our communities…come on here hatin on an individual trying to reach out to our kids. If you did some research before coming on here posting non-sense, you would know that as ET did, people drop out, and then decide to go back to school as adults and complete their education. You should really check your information before you get at someone, calling them a liar, and basically a fraud. TERRIBLE…and you should be ashamed to come on here and be disrespectful like that when this should be about doing something positive!

  • Ryan Fernald

    ET…I am a middle school teacher in South Sacramento, CA. The neighborhoods of South Sac are your stereotypical, low SES environments: gang bangin, drug dealin, teenage pregnancy, and in general, many young people that just don’t know enough to care about themselves or their future. They have this preconceived notion that their life is already destined to be what it is they see. I show my students your videos because it is the same message I have been trying to feed this community for 15 years. I grew up in this neighborhood, and actually went to school where I currently teach. I wanted to be able to come back to my neighborhood and make a difference for some young people in this community because many of my boys never had the chance to do anything but succumb to the environment. Thank you for taking the time to reach out to our youth because the generation is in a sad state, and quite honestly, it worries me.

    If you ever make your way out here to Sacramento, I would love to have you come speak to our kids. We have worked diligently at our site to not let the culture outside of our campus impact the success within it. Thank you for trying to have an impact on our youth.

  • Hey ET,

    When I watched this video it made me pretty sad. Our youth today don’t understand the value of someone who truly cares about your future and success. It’s priceless!

    I really love what you’re doing with our youth. Keep up the great work ET! Your making a huge impact and I’m glad you are.

    Best regards,
    Jordan Sizelove