New Years Resolutions

December 28, 2012

I have mixed feelings about New Years Resolutions. In many regards, I think it’s a great thing that people are using the start of the New Year to make some much needed adjustments. On the other hand, I think people falsely expect some magic will power to kick in just because the calendar rolls over into another year.

Forgive me, but if you know you need to make a change on Nov. 23rd, why wait until January 1st to make the change? The power needed to change has nothing to do with a date, it has everything to do with mentality. I said before that you needed to be “Sick and Tired” of being “Sick and Tired”.

I don’t say this to sound pessimistic, because for some people this strategy may work. The people I worry about are the ones that get so geeked up to start the New Year with a bang and make all these changes, then come Feb. they are back to their old ways and feeling frustrated because they let themselves down. So what are they to do? Should they wait until 2014 to try and start all over? Of course not!

Change starts within… time and date are a non-factor. Once you make the commitment in your heart to change, the change will begin! So whether it’s January 1st, or March 5th, the best time to change is anytime you are no longer content with your current circumstances…


  • Haha, ET I can sense your conflict.
    It’s like your happy for the people wanting to take change but that power of change is coming from the wrong source.

    I think of it like this. Imagine a robber busting down ATM’s to get some cash to feed an orphanage. Your happy for the result but not with the source and that source simply is not sustainable.

    Good Post.

  • Felix

    Hey Whatsup ET! Funny thing, I study psychology and around this time of year I had a lecture about NY resolutions. There has been research that it is maybe better to not make resolutions, because the majority of the people who make them will not make them a reality. Call it laziness, almost every person does it sometimes. My NY resolution was getting my drivers license, and I still haven’t got it. ‘There is still time.’ Heck no! There is NOT! This time of year next year I want my drivers license, my bachelor’s degree, and be a better football and guitar player. Too much? Not for me, not this time.
    You are a great example ET, when I wanna give up I think of you and I just keep going.

  • Guest
  • Guest
  • Hey ET! Glad you got a blog up. Been listening to your mixtape and your videos on YouTube. They’ve been getting me through finals, assignments, my runs. Thanks!

    I guess what the new year means to people is that they’ve got a chance to make a new start again, make the right decisions… but I guess what is harder is to keep making those right decisions over and over and over again… and maybe that’s why it’s so easy to fail. like, you can walk away from that ice cream one time, but after a couple of times and the slow progress of change, people give up half-way, ya know?

    But… this is gonna be a jam-packed, crazy year for me; I’m in my second half of my Masters, and I gotta keep my game up so I can get into a good doctorate program, so it’s just perfect timing to make a resolution that I ain’t saving nothing this year.

  • Limtchuk

    Change begin today, not tomorow.
    Thanks for the post

  • no

    Hey E im from new zealand. Im a big fan. You the man.
    My dream is to be the first samoan new zealander boxing chapion in the world you taught me alot i dont know you you dont me but i know the words you spit.
    Iv been up and down with my goal i start on monday 14th 2013 nz time…i dont know where im going with this all i can say is im a big fan and U HAVE OPENED MY MIND….another thing im trying to find your book here in n.z but cant find anythng…

  • disqus_wURlt4CmGy

    There is only one Man who Will make you completely fulfilled, and that Man is Jesus. I promise that if you seek him and let him into your heart you will experience rest and Everlasting Joy. I pray that you will take this message to heart and experience TRUE Happiness in Jesus. God Bless. ps. Pray to Jesus about all of your problems so that he will help you like he has helped me always.

  • Danny

    Got your message, E!))) Only losers say “I’ll start tomorrow” or “I’ll do it tomorrow or any other day”.