August 26, 2015


We all have different reasons for going to the gym. Most of us are seeking a healthier lifestyle. Others hope to form better relationships with like-minded people. Regardless of the reason, wouldn’t you agree that after a great workout you feel amazing about yourself! Although you might be tired and sore, you also feel empowered, hopeful, and strong! It’s an awesome feeling to know you are investing in one of your greatest assets, your health and well-being. Today I will discuss a few tips that will help enhance your gym experience! Your time in the gym is special, so try these tips to get the most of your time invested!

Minimize Your Distractions

I really like to enjoy my hour in the gym, so it helps to change my phone settings to “do not disturb.” Also, I find it helpful to create a several play-lists. I create about three new playlist per month, so I can keep my workouts pumped up. Updating my play-list allows me to edit songs that break the flow of my workout.

Gym Bag Checklist

There is nothing more annoying than arriving to the gym and realizing that you left something at home! Below is a small checklist that will save you the headache of being without the necessities:

– Shower soap

 – Shower shoes

– 2 Towels

– Gatorade

– Water bottle

– Change of clothes

– Phone/ Ipod/MP3 charger

– Small Notepad

– Earphones

– Personal Hygiene Products

– Pre-Workout snack

– Post-Workout snack

Visit Different Gym Locations

It’s nice to have a home gym, but most gym franchises have several locations in the area. Every now and then I like to visit another location to see what the other locations have to offer. A few aspects that can vary per location could include trainers, different equipment, amenities and overall customer service. You never know what you are missing, so whenever you’re available explore different locations.

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