Lifelong journey vs. one time goal

June 2, 2015

The goal of becoming a healthier individual is a lifelong journey, not a one time goal.  There is always more to learn, and room to grow.  During my recent journey I reached out to several individuals who shared a passion for bodybuilding and sculpting.  Who better to gain expert advice from than those who live this life everyday?  After speaking individually to them, I realized they all shared four main principles or disciplines they adhered to, especially during pre season. Not only have I begun to implement those principle into my daily life, I was excited that I can share it with all of you. Ready to learn the secrets to achieve phenomenal results for sculpting your body? Read on!

1. Diet.  Surprise, surprise, I know. The number one theme among the many bodybuilders that I interviewed, all agreed that a disciplined diet is absolutely critical to one’s overall success.  It can mean the difference between that one dress size, that 1% of body fat.  Coming in 1st or 2nd place! So what does this look like?  Reducing sugar (yes, even fruits if you are really trying to lean out), eating healthy omega fats, and balancing your protein.  Eating 5-6 small meals is also important as it keeps your metabolism revved throughout the day and helps you feel satisfied.  Do not forget your water!  You need to drink a minimum of ½ your body weight in ounces. However, a gallon a day is recommended to flush toxins out of your body and help you to burn the fat more efficiently.

2. Sleep.  Though this was not much of a surprise to me, I was shocked to hear the emphasis placed on its importance.  Sleep is crucial to your body’s recovery process.  Those muscles that you pushed, pulled, and tore during your intense cardio and weightlifting session need a chance to rest and rebuild.  This requires sleep.  If you are eating right and exercising, but not achieving the results that you are looking for, lack of sleep may be the culprit.  Aim for 6-9 hours per night.  Be sure when you decide how much you require to be consistent.

3. Stress.  Don’t discount how important it is to manage your stress levels.  You want to lose weight?  Take at least 20 minutes out of your day to meditate, pray, by finding time to clear your mind and prepare yourself for the day, or to release stress after a long day.  Stress releases the hormone cortisol, which is the main culprit for that stubborn belly fat that we cannot seem to rid ourselves of.  Evaluate your life and your priorities; decide what can stay and what needs to go. Try surrounding yourself with positive people and situations.  A healthy mind equals a healthy body.

4. Lastly. Exercise.  As certified personal trainers, we tend to stress this as the most important aspect of getting the fit and healthy body you’ve always dreamed of and work so hard to obtain.  This however, is just the cherry on the sundae.  Aim for 5 days a week of at least 30 minutes of cardio, and 2-3 days a week of weight training to achieve the fit, toned, and sexy physique you are looking for.

These 4 principles must work together in order to achieve your results.  You cannot place more value on one more than the other.  It is synergistic.