Full-Time In Less Time

July 7, 2015


Do you wake up every morning ripping and running trying to get a million things done before running off to work? Do you pull out of the garage, just barely missing ripping off your side mirror? Do you find yourself racing down the street weaving in and out of traffic, blowing your horn at the person driving the speed limit? No? OK, maybe it’s just me.

Well this blog is not about teaching you how to slow down, but how to get a full-time workout in less time. Research shows that most people list lack of time as one of the main reasons why they don’t workout. However, the majority of these same people list physical fitness as one of their most important goals. So let me ask you a question. If I could show you one daily 5-minute exercise that can help tone your entire body, would you be interested? Yes?

Pushups have been considered the single most important bodyweight exercise to build your upper body. Additionally, squats have been considered the single best exercise to build your lower body. What do you get when you combine pushups and squats? Squat –pushups works your entire body. You’re essentially doing full-time work in less time.

I want to challenge you to start doing squat pushups every day for 1min starting today for the next 7days and I’ll do them with you! I challenge you to do more squat pushups than me within 1min. Reply to this blog with you score and I’ll try to beat you score. Are you up to the challenge? You got nothing to lose but weight. Then after the first week we’ll increase the squat- pushups for 2min. We will add 1min each week until we’re doing squat -pushups for the full 5-minutes.

Notice in the video how my feet are against a stable object with my toes dug into the floor. My hands are shoulder width apart and I begin the exercise by squatting backwards towards the stable object, being sure not to raise my butt too high in the air. Then I slowly lower my chest towards the floor, just shy of touching the floor. Make sure you body is fully extended before you lower your chest to the floor.

Watch the video below and be sure to comment and post your results. I challenge you to beat me!


  • Jaudon Robinson

    Great excerice fam!!!! I accept the (CHA)lle(NGE) and will start it ASAP digs it and all that you do!

    • T.j. Tyus

      Thanks for the support. Remember, it’s not enough to just accept the challenge but you have to challenge someone else too. Greatness is upon you.

  • Doug Litteral

    Im on board starting today- Keep making the impact

    • T.j. Tyus

      Thanks for getting on board. Please get as many people on board as possible and we can make an impact across the world. Grind now and enjoy greatness for the rest of your life.

  • Lawrence

    I need to get on board with this ASAP count me in

    • T.j. Tyus

      Once you get on board, you’re not going to want to get off. Working out consistently will be the ride of your life. Be Great Today!