September 22, 2015

Think for a moment about the activities and ideas associated with relaxation? Did you immediately visualize yourself at the spa or soaking in a warm bubble bath? Or did you see yourself drifting away to your favorite soothing jazz playlist while sipping chamomile tea? Regardless of your approach, it is imperative for you to adopt a method to cater to one of the most important people in the world, YOU! It is important to completely take a step back from your lifestyle and find peace. Below are a few options that’ll help your unwind and recharge.

Take a Walk Outdoors

When I take a walk, I like to listen to a relaxing playlist or an uplifting audio book, but there’ve been times when I’ve walked in silence. This is therapeutic too because you can reflect, or you can count your blessings. If you prefer to walk with someone, this would be a great opportunity to walk and talk with a friend. Walking is great because it comes natural to us. You can use it as an exercise or relaxation tool.


When I first thought about mediating, I thought it was pointless, but I’m happy that my curiosity did not stop there. In college, I decided to practice clearing my mind. I wasn’t successful the first month or so, but after awhile I got better. A couple of benefits I noticed immediately were that it reduced the feelings of anxiety and depression. In addition, after mediating I felt refreshed and gently energized. Now when I feel overwhelmed, I take a moment to mediate. Then I reexamine the situation and weigh my options. There are a variety of ways to meditate, but I have found it extremely beneficial to simply practice clearing my mind of all thoughts. This can be accomplished by focusing on your breathing or listening to soothing music. In the beginning, I started with a little as two – five minutes, but it become some of the most calming and peaceful minutes within my day.


After high school, you could not pay me to stretch. I knew its benefit, but I also thought it was a waste of time. Thankfully, I have out grown that perspective as well. Now, I stretch not only because of its benefits, but it is a great way to unwind after work. Usually, I am active and on my feet all day, so stretching at night relieves any lingering tension from the day. Also, I’ve noticed that I wake up, in the morning feeling more limber.

I have tried each of these approaches, and I know that they are all effective. However, timing, the setting and your mood can influence your experience. For instance, sometimes I have an urge to be outside, so that would be the optimum time to go for a long reflective walk. There have also been times when I have gotten home from work too late, and honestly I wasn’t in the mood to go back outdoors. In that case, I choose to stretch and meditate after a warm soothing bath. The key is to invest in your greatest assets: your health, happiness, and peace. If you schedule more time to cater to yourself, your body will happily respond and be prepared to embark on any new adventure you have planned ahead.